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Sync your Phone and PC is an Smartphone/PC app that enables you to effortlessly generate a QR Code to Link your Phone to Windows Computer. It lets you to view, reply to, make, receive calls, view notifications of your Phone in your Computer. also lets you copy edit and drag and drop photos without ever touching your device. In addition, select Microsoft Duo phones like Samsung or HONOR can access mobile applications on PC while working wirelessly by dragging files between both phones. This app can be found free on Microsoft Store, with an updated design specifically tailored for Windows 11. Furthermore, iOS devices now also benefit from having this application available to them.

What is “”?

Microsoft utilizes ““, a URL shortening service to make longer URLs more manageable and shareable in printed materials, presentations, and online communications. Shortened links make sharing quicker and simpler – perfect for quick links in printed material, representations or communications online! 

In this case, is a shortened URL that assists users with difficulty connecting Smartphones with PCs. After finishing this tutorial you will able to Link your smartphone to your Windows computer with a QR of Microsoft Phone Link.

Here’s an introduction and its uses:

  • Purpose: Its primary function is to create short links for Microsoft-related resources, services and functionalities that make life easier for its customers. Rather than burdening users with lengthy URLs that redirect to their desired destinations, Microsoft uses this service as an easy and cost-effective alternative to provide shorter links that lead directly to them.
  • Domain: Microsoft-specific links can be identified by their domain extension in their URL address bar; these indicate they are affiliated with them in some capacity.
  • Simplicity: Microsoft utilizes to make sharing links easier for their products, services, documentation, support pages and other resources. Instead of giving long and convoluted URLs as links to these resources, users can provide concise links instead.
  • Tracking: URL shortening services often offer tracking capabilities, which allows Microsoft to gain information on who clicked their links when and for how long. This data helps them evaluate the success of each link they share and gauge its popularity or effectiveness.
  • Use Cases: links can often be found within Microsoft documentation, marketing materials, social media posts and official communications – these might lead to product pages, support resources, sign-up forms or download links – these could all be found inside links.
  • Security Considerations: Although links tend to be safe, all short links require caution when clicked upon; their short length makes it easier for malicious parties to conceal harmful links with false leads. Always ensure the links come from legitimate sources before connecting them.

Microsoft’s URL shortening service,, offers shorter and user-friendly links for its resources. Sharing is made easier while tracking is included, making popular among Microsoft employees for communications. If you see one of their links online, it likely belongs to one of their services or resources.​

What are the Important Features of Phone Link? or Phone Link is an innovative platform designed to streamline connecting and setting up devices or transferring data quickly and securely between them. You no longer have to fiddle around manually – with just one quick QR code scan, you can create a secure and efficient connection between devices – Phone Link has you covered!

  • Quick and Simple Setup: Say goodbye to complex setup processes; Link to Windows allows for instant device connection within seconds by visiting on each of your devices, scanning its QR code, and seeing the magic unfold.
  • Security First: At Phone Link, security is of utmost importance. Every connection created through Phone Link is encrypted to protect and ensure the privacy and protection of all your data during transit.
  • Make Texting and Calls Simple: Don’t hassle between devices for text messages and calls any more; with Microsoft Phone Link, you can manage both on your PC, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow and effortless multitasking.
  • Keep Up-to-Date With Notifications: Stay informed and engaged effortlessly by staying abreast of notifications from your phone onto your PC screen. No need for constant switching devices–wait, knowledgeable, and engaged effortlessly!
  • Photo Management at Your Fingertips: With easy photo management at your fingertips, editing, copying and transferring pictures between your phone and PC becomes effortless thanks to intuitive drag-and-drop functionality that makes keeping visual memories organized a breeze.
  • Improved App Integration: Unleash the potential of select Microsoft Duo, Samsung and HONOR phones by accessing mobile applications directly on your PC. Increase productivity with familiar apps running across a larger display.
  • Seamless File Transfer: With wireless drag-and-drop support, file transfer between phones and PCs has never been smoother – whether transferring documents, images or multimedia.
  • Elevated Design for Windows 11: Experience an engaging interface that seamlessly blends with Windows 11. Our new design ensures a delightful user experience.
  • iOS Compatibility: Microsoft Phone Link works seamlessly between iPhones and PCs, enabling iPhone users to connect with their phones and computers seamlessly.

What are the Steps to Install Update of (Phone Link/ LtW) on your Phone and PC to use “”?

To update the Link to Windows app on your Android device:

  • In the Link to Windows app, click Settings.
  • Click Check for Updates.
  • Wait for any updates to complete successfully, then close and relaunch the app. 

To update the app on your Surface Duo:

  • Navigate to  Settings > Connected Devices > Link to Windows > About Link to Windows


  • Swipe downwards from the top of your screen to reveal the Quick Panel, then select Link to Windows > About Link to Windows
  • If an update is available, select Update.
  • Wait for the Update to complete, then close and reopen the app.

To update the Phone Link app on your PC:

  • Launch the Microsoft Store app. 
  • Search for Microsoft Phone Link.
  • If an update is available, click the Update button.
  • Wait for the Update to complete successfully, then select Open.

To update the app from the Galaxy Store:

  • Launch the Galaxy Store app on your Android device.
  • In the Galaxy Store, click the search icon and type Link to Windows.
  • Click the Link to Windows to open the app listing.
  • Click the Update button.
  • Wait for the Update to complete successfully and restart your Android device. Wait a few minutes, then close and relaunch the Phone Link app on your PC.

What are the steps to Sync your Windows PC to iPhone/ Android Device using Phone Link?

Steps to use Phone Link on iPhone:

Assuring both devices have Bluetooth turned on is also necessary.

Start from your PC:

  • Locate the Phone Link app in your Start menu (you can also search for this).
  • Launch the app. Where you can see Under Select your Phone, choose iPhone(r). If this option is greyed out, Bluetooth on your PC could either be off or not yet accessible.
  • Follow these step-by-step pairing instructions.
  • Scan the QR code on your PC using your iPhone(r). This will initiate Bluetooth pairing.
  • Ensure your iPhone(r) grants permissions to synchronize messages, notifications and contacts to your PC.
Link Phone

Once your Bluetooth-paired device has been successfully connected, three iPhone(r) settings must be activated to unlock all available features. Some features require multiple permissions to fully function.
  • Share System Notification Settings will grant access to your Notifications and Messages.
Link Phone qr

Synchronizing Contacts settings provides access to your Messages, Contacts and Call History.

Steps to use on Android Smartphone:

Initiate from your PC:

  • Search the taskbar search box with “Phone Link,” then choose it amongst the results.
  • You will likely be asked to sign in using your Microsoft account if you still require Windows.
  • Install or open the Link to Windows mobile app on your Android device by opening a web browser and entering your PC’s link.
  • Sign in to the mobile app using the same Microsoft account you used for PC sign-in.
  • Once signed in, please return to your PC and select “I Have Windows App Ready / Pair with QR Code” before selecting Pair With QR Code.
  • Note: To pair your device without using a QR code, select Pair manually on your PC instead. Your Android device will then prompt you to enter a code.
  • Your PC screen will then display a popup window containing a QR code.
  • Select “Link my phone and PC” within the Android mobile app, and when asked by the PC if its QR code is ready for scanning, select “Continue“.
  • Once granted, an in-app camera will open to scan QR codes displayed on your PC screen.
  • After scanning the QR code, you may be asked for additional Android permissions that allow you to access content from your phone onto PCs.
  • Follow the prompts on your Android device, select Done and return to your PC, where the Phone Link app awaits discovery.

If you are connecting another Android device:

  • Launch Google Play Store, search for Link to Windows apps and download them if required.
  • Your PC will prompt you to scan a QR code displayed there; to do so, open a browser and navigate to
  • Use your Android device’s in-app camera to scan the QR code displayed on your PC using its QR reader app.
  • After scanning a QR code, you may be asked for several permissions, enabling you to access content from your phone on a PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

To uninstall Microsoft Phone Link app from your device, you can follow these steps:

    • Open the Start menu.
    • Find the Microsoft Phone Link app.
    • Right-click on the app.
    • Select “Uninstall”. isn’t currently available for Mac computers; however, Microsoft have recently unveiled it for iOS devices. To use this feature, an iPhone with iOS 14 or later and Bluetooth connectivity must also have Windows 11 device running with Bluetooth capability, along with the most up-to-date version of Phone Link app installed – device compatibility may differ depending on which phone it’s on.

Microsoft Phone Link enables iPhone owners to connect their iOS devices to Windows 11 PCs and send and receive iMessage messages, make and receive calls, and view their notifications on PC or laptop simultaneously. Microsoft began previewing this update earlier this year and has started rolling it out across 39 languages across 85 countries. Phone Link sends Bluetooth messages directly to contacts that Apple’s iOS intercepts before forcing them through to be sent as iMessage messages instead. Unlike its Android counterpart, iOS supports only basic functions: making calls, receiving them back via iMessage, and viewing/dismissing notifications.

  • You can copy and paste text between your phone and PC.
  • You can drag and drop photos between your phone and PC.
  • You can use your PC keyboard to type on your phone.
  • You can use your PC mouse to navigate your phone.
  • You can access your favorite mobile apps on your PC.
  • You can use your PC to access your phone’s contacts.
  • You can use your PC to access your phone’s recent call history.
  • You can use your PC to access your phone’s text message history.
  • You can use your PC to access your phone’s photos and videos.
  • You can use your PC to access your phone’s notifications.
  • You can use your PC to access your phone’s alarms.
  • You can use your PC to access your phone’s calendar.

Here are the apps that can link your phone to your PC:

  • AirDroid is the most popular app for connecting Android to a PC or Mac. It lets you mirror or receive calls, messages, and app notifications on the large screen of the PC or Mac12.
  • Vysor is another way to mirror your Android phone onto your PC. It also allows you to drag and drop files.
  • Microsoft’s “Phone Link” app integrates your Android phone with your PC, giving you access to your phone’s notifications, text messages, photos, and more—right on your PC.
  • You can also link Windows 11 PCs with an Android phone using Phone Link.


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